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Datum: 2014-06-16

Haiou Zhang performs Beethoven's piano concerto No. 2 in Offenburg, Ellwangen and Fürstenfeldbruck with the Heidelberger Sinfoniker received enthusiatic acclaims from the press and audience. The renowned Sueddeutsche Zeitung observed his interpreration as ''Haiou Zhang warf sich sogleich mit einem sehr pointierten Anschlag ins Zeug, ließ die Sechzehntelketten herrlich perlen und entwarf so ein etwas anderes Bild von klassischem Ebenmaß, als es das Orchestervorgegeben hatte. Daraus ergab sich eine sich eine interpretatorische Spannung, die auf den Hörer sehr anregend wirkte...''.

Upcoming concerts include Debut in Oslo/Norway at the summer concert serie in Vigeland Museet on 22 June and the 5th Edition of Haiou Zhang's Festival in Buxtehude/Germany. Highlight: Rachmaninoff piano concerto No. 3 Op. 30 with the Russian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra St. Petersburg under the baton of Maestro Juri Gilbo on 19 July. For further Information please visit the official Website:

Besides, Haiou Zhang has released his recent live performance with one of his favourite composition on Youtube: Ravel's La Valse. The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung described it such as ''So wie Haiou Zhang die Klangfarben des Orchesters oder von Orgelregistern aus dem Flügel herauszuholen vermag, das können nur wenige. Eine Virtuosität, für die es offenbar nichts Unmögliches gibt.''











News 2014 Spring/Summer
Datum: 2014-02-16

Haiou Zhang made his fans meeting in the NCPA and recital debut at the Beijing Concert Hall on 26 Nov 2013. Both events were completely sold out. The enthusiastic audience in Beijing let the backstage once almost out of control. A special thank to C. Bechstein China with their great support. Haiou will return for a recital tour scheduled in Autumn 2014. 
Returned in Germany, Haiou Zhang gives two bang-up performances with the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 in Osnabrück and Bielefeld. Upcoming concerts include: Liszt Piano Concerto No.1 and Hungarian Fantasy with the Ontario Philharmonic Orchestra in Canada under the baton of Maestro Marco Parisotto in March, Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Heidelberger Sinfoniker under Maestro Thomas Fey in May, Rachmaninoff's gigantic Piano Concerto No.3 with the Russian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra St. Petersburg under Maestro Juri Gilbo in July, chamber music projects with violinist Christoph Seybold in Oslo/Norway, with Duo Gurfinkel at the International music festival Kreuth/Tegernsee, with pianist François-Xavier Poizat at the festival Puplinge Classique near Geneva/Switzerland, and the Faust Quartet
As the designated artistic director and founder of the International Music Festival Buxtehude & Altes Land, Haiou Zhang is welcoming all the festival visitors for its 5th Anniversary. For further Information please visit the official website:  
HINWEIS für die Konzertveranstalter und Fans in Deutschland: Haiou Zhang ist LIVE zu erleben im Radio am 16. März 2014 auf WDR3! Hier Klicken->>  
* 22 March 2014, Regent Theatre/Oshawa, Canada  
Haiou Zhang & POMMERY
Datum: 2013-11-01

As the Music Ambassadeur for the leading champagne POMMERY, Haiou Zhang performed at the French Embassy in Vienna and the Lapidarium in Berlin masterpieces from LISZT, DEBUSSY and RAVEL. The performances received enthusiastic acclaims and feedbacks from both audience and press. In connection with the Cuveé Louise series, Haiou Zhang and POMMERY presents a new CD together for this unforgetable sparkles. 
Für die musikalischen Schmankerl war der Pianist Haiou Zhang zuständig, der herrliche Stücke von Franz Liszt und Claude Debussy zum Besten gab.”
Haiou Zhang verzauberte die erlesene Gästeauswahl mit den Klängen von Franz Liszt und Claude Debussy.”

Autumn 2013
Datum: 2013-10-12

As Artist-in-Residence at the International Music Festival Buxtehude 4th Edition, Haiou Zhang has offered a giant programme in this summer: Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, Chausson's Concerto in D and Dvorak's piano quintet A Major with the Faust Quatet, Violin and Oboe recitals with Christoph Seybold and Maria Sournatchev, five late Lieder from Mahler and a full-set of piano recital program. The festival earned enormously success from both press and audience. The 5th Edition is going to take place from 17 to 27 July 2014.

The upcoming concerts of Haiou Zhang including prestiges venues in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and with special mention to his lecture about Franz Liszt at the Arts Library in NCPA Beijing. For details please follow Agenda and his Facebook page. 


 Artwork@Sabina Przybyla 









successful Debuts in June
Datum: 2013-06-30

Haiou Zhang gives two bang-up performances on 16 June at the Festival Oettinger Schlosskonzerte with Russian Chamber Philharmonic St. Petersburg under Juri Gilbo, Mozart's piano concerto KV414, oberserved by Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung as:

'' His special expressiveness made ​​clear that the 29-year-old Haiou Zhang is about to catch up with the great pianists of our time. If in his case the idol-like worship of a Lang Lang is missing, one senses that the combination of musical empathy with absolutely excellent playing technique made his appearance a godsend for the Oettinger Palace Concerts. If Mozart's piano concertos do not always reach the depths of Beethoven or other famous romantic piano composers, there is the genius of his piano compositions which, above all, achieve their own kind of "simplicity" by means of their great technical brilliance and an unsurpassed richness of melody. For both these qualities the Chinese pianist Zhang Haiou provided a prime example.''


30 June, Mozart's piano concerto KV415 with the ''viennese classic specialist'' Heidelberg Symphony under the baton of Thomas Fey, Debut at the Open Air concert of the prestiges international music festival Weilburger Schlosskonzerte received press acclaims and waves from the audience. The Frankfurter Neue Presse: ''Glänzende Triller, perlende Figurenketten bot blitzsauber Haiou Zhang. Technisch meisterte er seine Aufgabe souverän...elegantes graziles Musizieren...Schön beseelt gelangen Zhang indes die überraschenden Adagio-Einschübe des Rondos. Freien Lauf ließ er seiner Spielfreude bei seinen beiden Zugaben, einem bezaubernd stimmungsvollen Chopin-Nocturne und dem morbiden Rausch der Valse Maurice Ravels.''






Liszt Piano Concerto No.1
Datum: 2013-06-03

Haiou Zhang enjoys the success at the prestiges Regentenbau in Bad Kissingen, Germany: Liszt's piano concerto E-flat major with the ECHO-Klassik winning orchestra Philharmonie Festiva under the baton of Gerd Schaller at the festival Ebracher Musiksommer . Around one thousand concertgoers dedicated him minutes long applaus and he thanked the cheerful audience with Ravel's most fabulous original orchestral work La Valse transcipted by compser himself for solo piano.

''Haiou Zhang is one of the most successful pianists of his generation. His extensive concert performances have led him to appear all over the world. With the the piano concerto No. 1 in E Flat major by Franz Liszt, he simply provided the icing on the cake. With virtuosity and unparalleled in his playing, he captivated his audience by means of his youthful freshness and exceptional ability. A brilliant concert where all those who love romantic music were rewarded - including shivers down the spine. .'' - The MAIN POST


  * Photograph: Peter Klopf 








Spring 2013
Datum: 2013-04-18

''Haiou Zhang, who turns 29 this year, has a right to envy other, more famous Chinese virtuosos, for their luck at least. He is as technically gifted as any of them, to judge by his effortless power and command in the Liszt B minor Sonata. This work seems to be a benchmark for young Chinese phenoms (i'ts been recorded by Yuja Wang and Yundi), and Zhang plays it with convincing musical instincts for every shifting mood. His reading sounds magnificent on a huge Bechstein.'' -, 4Stars

Haiou Zhang earned massive standing ovation in front the Southern French audience with his extraordinary interpretation of Ravel's evergreen LA VALSE:
''Avec une présence scénique incroyable, Zhang, jouant les yeux fermés, surprend par la puissance - ou l'extrême douceur - d'une frappe venue de très haut. Virtuose, assurément.'' - LA PROVENCE, 13 Avril 2013
Upcoming Highlights in June including Liszt's piano concerto No.1 with the Echo-Klassik winning orchestra Philharmonie Festiva under the baton of Gerd Schaller at the Regentenbau in Bad Kissingen by Festival Ebracher Musiksommer (2 June), a Duo concert with ARD Prize-Winning Oboist Maria Sournachetva in Winterthur/Switzerland (5 June), Piano recitals at the Festival Grünstadter Sternstunde packed with Chopin, Debussy and Ravel (15 June) and the Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin (20 June), Mozart's piano concerto KV414 with Russian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra St. Petersburg under Juri Gilbo at the Festival Oettinger Residenzkonzerte (16 June) and Mozart's piano concerto KV415 with Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra under Thomas Fey at the Festival Weilburger Schlosskonzerte (30 June). 
In July Haiou Zhang is on tour with German violinist Christoph Seybold at the brand new luxury cruiseline MS EUROPA 2 from Valleta to Barcelona. A Duo programme is settled with Beethoven, Debussy, DeFalla and Bizet/Waxman. 
©Artwork: Olga Livotova
Haiou Zhang Festival CD
Datum: 2013-01-15

After three exciting concert seasons, the Haiou Zhang International Music Festival Buxtehude presents its first CD album the "Best of 2010-2012" in cooperation with label Monalvo Records. The festival 2013 will be take place from 22 August until 1 September with many outstanding highlights, especially the first Ensemble-in-Residence circle designated the ARD prize-winning Faust Quartet. 

Haiou Zhang plays Tchaikovsky
Datum: 2012-10-14

12 and 13 October 2012 at 8 pm, Haiou Zhang opened the seasonal concerts at the Laeiszhalle/Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and the City Congress Hall in Braunschweig with the warhorse Tchaikovsky piano concerto No .1 as solosit in front of over 3.200 concert goers. An special Encore to thank their enthusiastic applaus, Haiou Zhang performed the superb concert paraphrase on a theme of the J. Strauss's "Fledermaus" and cheered up by standing ovations. The KlassikPhilharmonie Hamburg under the baton of Maestro Robert Stehli offered the soloist their strongest support. 
"...his music release powerful magic which completely mesmerized the audience."
- Europe Times  
"...his unbeatable technique and incomparable musicality made this concerto sounded in a perfect way. His interpretation has completely conquered almost two thousands of concert goers: Hamburg is crazy for him tonight!"
- People's Daily / Overseas Edition Europe
"Just a few bars after the exposition, his interpretation has already told you how the music here should be."
- Braunschweiger Zeitung
Haiou Zhang Festival in Buxtehude successful
Datum: 2012-07-15

The 3rd Edition of Haiou Zhang's International Music Festival in Buxtehude 2012 was enormously successful. All concerts scheduled were completely sold out, over 2.500 people came to concerts and around 500 teenagers were involved with their big interests for classical music. A Special film project with disabled children received many recogniation and the NSB Open Air with KlassikPhilharmonie under Robert Stehli as the Grand Finale earned standing ovation from over 1.000 enthusiastic audience.
Thank all artists and all unknown crews who did the most! The 2013 4th Edition will take place from 22 to 31 August.
Thank our main sponsors the Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude, NSB Reederei, Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung, Landeschaftsverband Bremen-Verden and Town of Buxtehude. 
 NSB Open Air Haiou Zhang with KlassikPhilharmonie Hamburg
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